Year-End Financials, Assurance and Tax Returns

No matter what sort of business you run you will require some sort of compliance filing at year end. We will help you with the following:

  • Notice to reader financial statements (no assurance and most affordable)
  • Review and audit financial statement engagements
  • T2 corporate income tax returns
  • T5013 partnership information returns and slips
  • T3 trust income tax returns
  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) assistance
  • GST/HST/PST and other excise tax issues and returns
  • T4, T5 and other information slip filings
  • Foreign property disclosures
  • Filings under the Voluntary Disclosures Program

Personal Income Tax Preparation

We will prepare yours and your family's personal income tax returns including the following scenarios:

  • Business or professional activities including online sales
  • Commissions and employment expenses
  • Investments and capital gains
  • Rental properties
  • Disability tax credit issues and filing
  • Education tax credits
  • Small Business Venture Capital tax credits
  • GST/HST/PST and other excise tax filings and issues
  • Foreign properties disclosures (big penalties if you miss this)
  • Assistance with immigration and emigration
  • Terminal and Estate returns and planning
  • Filings under the Voluntary Disclosures Program

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services to be provided, including payroll and excise taxes, are available through our network of service providers and strategic partners and can be reviewed by our office on an ongoing basis. Monthly rates to be determined by level of activity of the business.

Paperless Conversion Consulting

A paperless office is not a new concept, what is new is how vital it has become. What was a novelty and advantage to some is now a competitive necessity, but it is a complex undertaking, underpinned with serious impacts on your business culture and processes. 

We are not affiliated with any software provider and can provide you with the following:

  • An assessment of your current processes and the impacts of paperless conversion
  • Identification and assistance with the psychological barriers to change
  • Recommendations regarding paperless solutions, roll-out plan and knowledge transfer to your internal support system and staff
  • Post-implementation support and non-technical troubleshooting

Ongoing Consulting & Special Projects

We want to talk to you more than once a year. A good professional relationship is built on trust and ongoing contact. In the ideal situation the annual tax returns and financial statements will be the culmination of a year of our helping you succeed. We can also assist in many other ways:

  • Developing your financial literacy and analytical skills
  • Assist with development of your business plans and budgets
  • Assist with purchase and sale of a business including basic valuation assistance
  • Reorganizations of a company or group, including multi-generational continuity
  • Assist with business financial projections
  • Discussions and negotiations with bankers and financiers

Quotes & Billing

All our quotes and services are customized based on each client's needs and desires. Quotes represent the best approximation of required time and knowledge and presume relatively organized and understandable records are provided by our clients. Adjustments to quotes due to unforeseen requirements, poor records, or other issues will be discussed prior to undertaking significant additional time. We want to ensure that expectations are managed and respected on both sides of the relationship.

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cheques and cash
  • Credit card
  • Email money transfer

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